dhruv parekh



I am:

a dreamer

a doer

a thinker..


a game





I moved to beautiful Switzerland from vibrant, cosmopolitan London with 2 suitcases and a teddy bear.

Under the influence of immigrant Indian parents I studied Finance at the London School of Economics and then went on to become a chartered accountant. 

Throughout most of my life I have been ignorant of improving gender equality. Now it runs in my blood. 

I have visited some of the best restaurants on the planet. But if you ask me to cut an avocado I will botch it up.


I have travelled throughout the world with my favourite places being Peru, Italy and my apartment.     

I like to explore my physical limits through boxing, rugby and weights. Yoga and meditation help me put things into perspective.  

Learning languages is a form of brain training. English, HTML, German, CSS, French, JS, Russian, Python.

I practice mindfulness. I once hugged my front door in order to appreciate the protection it provides.