Understanding my passions


As a finance professional I enjoy blogging about a variety of finance and business related topics. I also keep a close eye on the trends in the mining and commodities sector. Click here to learn more. 


I am part of a dynamic nonprofit organisation that helps women become entrepreneurs and raise gender equality. We run an annual flagship program and events throughout the year. Click here to learn more. 


I am working on my first ever startup which I am really excited about. More details shall be revealed shortly!   


I offer free proofreading services (in English) for CVs and other short documents. I also proofread lengthier documents for a very small fee. Contact me here to learn more. 



Having had the privilege of travelling to over sixty countries we write about restaurants we visit and give our own unique perspective. Our blog also includes food concepts, wines and teas from different regions. Click here to learn more. 


I inadvertently discovered photography and it opened up a new world. Since then I have been exploring my creativity. The photo has taken a new meaning for me altogether.  


Given the current state of our world it is more important now than ever to give back to society. I make it a point to donate an amount each month to different charities.


I simply enjoy a good read, podcast or music album. I am a keen sportsman, enjoy travelling and learning something new. I always endeavour to visit an art museum wherever I go.